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Wuxly Movement is a made in Canada, cruelty-free Jacket brand for both men and women. Launched in 2012 by pro-football player James Yurichuk Wuxly gets all its jackets made locally and ethically using sustainable fabrics. All their Jackets are available to shop online.


Brand Name Wuxly Movement
Website wuxly.com/
Products Jackets and accessories 
Phone Number +1 (647) 812-5479
Email  hello@wuxly.com
Address 884 Queen St West, Toronto, ON, Canada – M6J 1G3


Brand Story :


The vision for Wuxly Movement first came in 2012 when pro-football player, James Yurichuk moved back to Toronto from the West Coast. He needed to get his girlfriend, Daniela, her first winter coat as James wanted her to stay in the frozen forest of Toronto with him while she was immigrating from Brazil. In his search for the perfect parka, James could not find anything that matched his values. 

Noticing the quality of Canadian made jackets, James saw an opportunity to evolve from Canada’s rich manufacturing heritage by utilizing innovative and sustainable fabrics while peacefully leaving animals out of the equation. 

James approached his best friend, Anthony DeBartolo, a Master Tailor to help him with style and fit. Together they created the first Wuxly parka to keep Daniela warm.

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