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The Northern Closet: Vintage Children Clothing and Toys

Rediscovered vintage and Canadian-made children’s clothing and toys.

Brand Name The Northern Closet
Website Instagram Shop
Products Vintage Children’s Clothing
Phone Number N.A
Customer Care  thenortherncloset2018@gmail.com

Brand Story:

I am a mom of two incredible little boys (Archer and Fox) and wife of the wonderful Daryl.

I am also an educator entering my 18th year of professional practice.

These two aspects of my life collide with this blog. I am passionate about ongoing education and reflection, so I am happy to share my own experiences if by chance it means even one person benefits from my doing so.

My writing journey has been a twisted but continuous one, and my interests and hobbies are constantly developing and change often.

One constant throughout my career has been collecting/curating and utilizing secondhand, locally and handmade items in my programming.

From a very young age, I have accessed thrift shops regularly for my entertainment and fashion needs. Because thrifting was the most common shopping I did as a young person. I had an early appreciation for the thrill of the thrift hunt and using the opportunity to create a unique and very personal ME style.

The clothing our children wear and the toys they play with are a collection of hand-me-downs and handmade items, as well as many heuristic play items to avoid buying into the ever-expanding world of plastic.

I absolutely have not ever been known for my style, but I love sporadically creating my own little collection of select pieces. I am proud to support small businesses when I can and to rehome thrifted items that could otherwise potentially end up discarded in a landfill somewhere.

This awareness carries over into my teaching, as I hope to inspire children to develop that sense of global awareness.

When it comes to my programming, I find a thrill in finding those special loose parts and heuristic items that I add to my growing collection and pride in the ways I present them to my children.

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