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Teeny weeny Bikini Co. is designed and handcrafted in Canada since 2005. The brand is inspired by Old school designs clubbed with modern techniques. The store is located in the small village of Rosseau in Muskoka. You can shop for all collection online also at their website below.

Brand Name   Teeny Weeny Bikini Co.
Website   teenyweenybikinico.com
Products   Swimwear
Phone number   905-808-2488
Email   info@teenyweenybikinico.com
Address    5 Rice Street, Rosseau, Ontario


Brand Story

Teeny Weeny Bikini co. Swimwear carefully Designed handcrafted in Canada since 2005. Old school inspiration with Modern techniques.


Who: Designer and founder of Teeny Weeny Bikini Co., Ashley Eady started her fashion career at George Brown College, initially with plans of being a wedding dress designer. Fast forward a few years later and swimwear was at the top of her mind. She thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to design swimwear part of the year and live somewhere hot the rest of the time?” The name for her line literally came from the song, bearing the same title. She loved the idea of having women of all sizes be able to have a swimsuit with the label “Teeny Weeny Bikini.”

What: Say goodbye to unflattering swimsuits. Ashley’s retro-inspired designs are what she calls “love handle free,” meaning the design actually holds in the stomach, nixes the hip dip and holds down the dreaded ponch. The result is a smooth and flattering suit, women of all body types can fit into. All of the suits are also reversible, giving its wearers two suits for the price of one! You also won’t find any fastenings or tags, courtesy of the silk-screen printing. Easy to care for, thanks to the durable fabric, washing the suits in a mild detergent and hanging to dry will do the job.

When: With the help of her family Ashley opened the Teeny Weeny Bikini shop Canada Day, 2006. At that time it was only an itsy-bitsy cabin, featuring her swimwear line, along with chic and girly accessories, vintage jewellery, and mod kitchenware like Hawaiian-print high ball glasses and water pitchers. In the summer of 2009, she expanded the 10 X 16 boutique into a roomy store, allowing her to include even more cute and quirky accessories, home goods – including refurbished luggage, and other Canadian designers clothes. Her swimwear continued to flourish and in 2007 she branched out into designing children’s suits.

Where: Located in the small village of Rosseau in Muskoka, you’ll find Teeny Weeny Bikini just off Highway 141. Can’t make it to the store? You can shop online here!



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