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Tanya The Berge : Canadian Clothing Brand


Tanya The berge is a franco-punjabi Canadian designer presenting a collection with repurposed denim with couture finishings. Her workshop is in Canada and is available to shop online on her website.


Brand Name Tanya the Berge
Website https://tanyatheberge.com/
Products Jackets
Phone number
Email bonjour@tanyatheberhe.com
Address Vancouver, BC


Brand Story :


Tanya Theberge is a Franco-Punjabi Fashion Designer and Textile Artist. She has 15 years of experience creating unique meaningful garments for her clients. She has created pieces for Drake, Division, Arkells, Johnny Orlando, Priyanka Chopra, GiGi Gorgeous, Stereos, etc.

Tanya has formal training from L’Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, Alberta College of Art and Design and George Brown College.


Her current collections are focused on upcycled denim, recycled materials, which serve as a base for her specialized artisanal embroideries. 

We are avoiding the same transactional model in the current retail experience, where customers are unaware of the greater social and environmental impacts of their purchases.

Garments are manufactured in Canada to ensure the maintenance of quality. 



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