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Made in Canada Matresses : Slmbr

Slmbr Mattress launched in 2019, is made and manufactured in Canada. They provide free doorstep delivery of their mattresses anywhere in Canada.  The price range is quite reasonable for made in Canada mattress brand and the thickness of the mattress is 9.5 inches. Because of the foam, gel and bamboo cover of mattresses regulate heat very well. No matter the season the slmbr mattress will stay at the optimal temperature to get the best sleep.


Brand Name Slmbr Mattress
Website www.slmbrmattress.com/
Products Clothing & accessories
Phone Number N.A
Customer Care  zach@slmbrmattress.com


A Brief by the Brand Owner:

Wellness has always been a big part of our lives! As we gained more experience throughout the years the realization of how important sleep is to performing your best became more clear. We wanted to be able to give Canadians a chance to work at their best by offering a best-in-class mattress at an affordable sleep. The right mattress matters, it matters for how you sleep and it matters for how you perform during the day. Hope you’ll love the slmbr mattress!

As the focus on overall wellness increases, it’s our mission to make sure every Canadian is getting the sleep they need to perform their best every day!

  • Rest easy knowing you can try your slmbr mattress for 120 nights. If you don’t love your sleep you can return the mattress!
  • slmbr is proudly Canadian made, owned and operated. It’s a great mattress eh!
  • The slmbr mattress ships to all Canadian addresses for free! All you need to do is order, and leave the rest up to us!
  • The perfect blend between plush and support! The slmbr mattress is made to make sure you get a great night sleep every night
  • There isn’t anything more annoying than feeling every twist and turn of the person sleeping next to you, that’s why we’ve designed the slmbr mattress to eliminate motion transfer so you can rest no matter what!



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