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Minnow bathers are handmade, locally in Toronto, Canada. As a slow fashion brand, they produce small batches and fewer designs, it also helps them keep the price reasonable. You can shop for their collection online at their website below.


Brand Name Minnow Bathers
Website www.minnowbathers.com
Products Swimwear
Phone number N.A


Address 1130 College St, Toronto Ontario,M6H 1B6


Brand Story



Creating swimwear that womxn feel comfortable wearing while minimizing production waste is key to the mission of Minnow Bathers. This means designing, producing, and shipping bathers in a responsible fashion.


Unlike most fashion lines, Minnow produces one collection each year. We consciously design less and keep our collections small in order to produce garments at a reasonable pace. This allows us to produce our bathers by hand, locally, in Toronto, Canada. This is important because it enables us to focus on quality which enhances the value of the piece. Additionally, we benefit by working to customer demand which reduces unnecessary production costs and waste.


In a continued effort to reduce waste, all bathers are developed using minimal-waste pattern-making and fabric design techniques. Moreover, our fabrics are made from chlorine-resistant and UV-blocking fabrics produced from 78% recycled plastics and our latest designs are digitally printed in Montreal. As an independent manufacturer, we feel this is important because this reduces energy usage while minimizing consumption levels.


To offset the environmental impacts of production, Minnow Bathers donate $1 from each sale to the Ocean Conservancy, in order to support their efforts to protect the world’s oceans and its inhabitants. Additionally, a portion of each sale is donated to various animal and human rights organizations throughout the year.


Our employees are provided a living wage and safe working conditions. All overtime is voluntary. Minnow Bathers complies with equal employment rights and anti-discrimination laws and provides training and upskilling to all staff.



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