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    Brand Name    Lowell
    Website     Lowellmtl.ca
    Products   Jackets, Apparel, Bags, Accessories, Gifts, Facemask,   Footwear
    Phone Number   +1 (514) 544-6518
    Email    info@lowellmtl.ca


    Address    Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Brand Story :


The name LOWELL is inspired by the city in Massachusetts USA, historically known as a hub of textile mills and manufacturers.

A city that welcomed an important wave of French-Canadian labor immigration at the end of the 19th century and that can be considered as the heart of a tight-knit bond between Quebec and the U.S.

A city reminiscent of the times when goods were still produced here, in North America, where people valued hard work and craftsmanship. The kind of work that reflected great care for details, quality and durability.

A city where the great American writer Jack Kerouac was born and raised… just like the great-grandmothers of the founders of LOWELL, Rachel and Mathieu, also born in the eponymous city of Massachusetts.


The LOWELL collection is inspired by Montreal’s lifestyle.

We draw our inspiration from friends, family and the city we live in. Pieces that echo the city’s unique personality: a bilingual and multiethnic city with North America in mind and Europe in its heart.

Montreal is not a city that you visit, it’s one that you live and experience. Time will reveal an even more beautiful Montreal. Just like our LOWELL bags that are thoughtfully made to last in time. Not only to resist the wear of time, but to defy passing trends. We want to offer timeless, yet trendy designs. Pieces that are sober, but not overly classical. Accessories that will follow you year after year.


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