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Ideal North manufactures its clothing in Canada. They take great pride in the Canadian heritage and aim to reflect the grandeur of Canada via their workmanship.


Brand Name Ideal North
Website idealnorth.com
Products Jackets, Woolen Wears, accessories, Winter wears
Phone number 1.866.695.5995
Email sales@idealnorth.com
Address 15 Donegani Ave. P.O.Box 262 Pointe Claire, QC,

H9R 4N9


Brand Story :

Today machines do most of the work, yet the luxurious warmth of knitwear has stood the test of time and still remains as popular as ever.

Our Surefit knitting process ensures maximum stretch, maximum softness, and maximum warmth all in the efforts to achieve maximum comfort.

Our Ideal North styles and patterns are specifically designed for those who wish to celebrate our Canadian heritage and land.

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