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Launched in 2008 by Canadian sisters Karen and Nancy who are fitness instructors themselves, Icecream is a Canadian activewear brand. They have a range of headbands to select from. All their range is available to shop online via their website.


Brand Name Icecream
Website icecream.oceabo.com
Products Headbands
Phone number 1 (514) 884-1846
Email icecream.help@oceabo.com
Address 810 Allée des Sorbiers, St-Hubert, Quebec, Canada, J3Y 0C3 


Brand Story :

Ice cream is a family-run business that Kareen (my sister) and I (Nancy) started back in 2008. We are both fitness instructors and love to help people achieve their goals of looking and feeling wonderful.

You may be asking yourself why we chose the name ice cream for our business. Well, the answer is simple, we love ice cream! When you walk into an ice cream parlour, you get to choose your

favourite flavour, your serving size and your desired toppings. We have simply applied this formula to our fitness brand.

When you purchase an ice cream headband, sweatband or other workout accessories, you not only get to choose from a large selection of fabric flavours, but you also get to specify your exact fit. You can also provide us with your preferences for certain design features or finishings. Possibilities are endless and the end result is often a one of a kind creation.

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