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Founded in 1975, HiSO is a deeply rooted Canadian traditional company. Their Jackets are made locally in Ontario. You can shop for all their products online.


Brand Name     Hiso
Website     hiso.ca/
Products     Jackets
Phone number/ Email      1-416-596-7070


Email     info@hiso.ca
Address     833 The Queensway. Toronto, ON, Canada. M8Z5Z1


Brand Story :


HiSO is Canadian at its core and renowned for stylish outerwear, innovative material development, and quality of craft. HiSO – previously known as Hide Society, has been mastering the art of luxury outerwear since 1975. 

Originally founded as a retailer in Toronto’s Fashion District, Hide Society shifted to the manufacturing side. Pairing with European sister company KK Berlin, Hide Society soon became the go-to source for shearling outerwear. In 2002, inspired by their exposure to the business from a young age, twin brothers Karl and Mark took on leadership of the company and committed to the growth of an elevated outerwear brand. Hide Society was rebranded into HiSO and they ventured into the world of precious fabrics. With a goal to broaden their product offering of quality fashion, they acquired the production capacity of a Toronto-based factory with its own 40-year history of success. 

Since its humble beginning over 40 years ago HiSO has grown from a small boutique producer into an international brand found in luxury retailers and independent boutiques worldwide. Each year our team travels the world in search of shearlings, fabrics and leathers that we can use for new statement pieces. Commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and heritage is paramount. 

HiSO takes pride in engaging in an ecologically conscious approach through every step of a garment’s creation. Whether it’s alpaca, wool or shearling, we strive to partner with other eco-conscious companies, ensuring the best practices and materials are used to protect the environment.


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