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Finished grain woodworks is a small business based in Ontario, Canada. They are offering made in Canada epoxy home decor. Their decors are beautiful and handcrafted. They sell mostly via Etsy and Instagram shop.

Brand Name Finished Grain Woodworks
Website Instagram Store
Products  Handcrafted wood epoxy home decor
Phone Number N.A
Customer Care  finishedgrainwoodworks@gmail.com

Brief Review:

Finished Grain Woodworks is a small business located in Dundas, Ontario, Canada. Specializing in handcrafted wood epoxy home decor. Finished Grain Woodworks creates one-of-a-kind statement pieces that will add beauty to any space they are placed in. Finished Grain Woodworks has a wide variety of pre-made products available such as coasters, charcuterie boards and cutting boards but can also create custom pieces to suit your personal preferences. If you’re looking to add beautiful handmade décor to your home, look no further, Finished Grain Woodworks can make all of your woodworking dreams come true!

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