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    Brand Name Encircled
    Website   encircled.ca
    Products   Clothing, jackets
    Phone Number  Call or Text Us @ 1-877-736-2470
    Email    contact@encircled.ca




Brand Story :

Whether it’s style for comfort or quality for price, something always seems to get pushed to the side.
Until now…

Style, comfort, quality, ethics and (genuine) sustainability —

Encircled is the slow fashion brand that does it all.
Fast fashion and trends are disposable, our clothing isn’t.

The Encircled woman is effortlessly polished, comfortable and confident in her own sense of personal style.

No more “what on earth was I thinking?” moments with trends and fads – whether it’s stick thin eyebrows, acid wash jeans or shoulder pads, we’ve all been there…

Our classic, versatile pieces mean you can build a wardrobe you’ll love for years to come.

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