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Brand Name Elman’s
Website https://elmans.ca/
Products Dressing, Pickles, Eggs, Garlic Products, Mustard Other Canadian Condiments
Phone Number 204-586-8485
Email  elmans@mymts.net
Address 647 Jarvis Ave. Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2W 3B3


Brand Story :


The history of Elman’s begins with Samuel Finkleman a.k.a.” Happy”, who, after emigrating from Poland with his young family and closely guarded family recipes, left his homeland for a better life. This was the beginning of what was to come.

Arriving and living first in Prince Albert Saskatchewan, then years later in Selkirk, Manitoba, they finally settled in Winnipeg, MB.  as their permanent home.

While there, Happy would make Horseradish in the basement of the family home for friends, relatives and neighbors. Soon, by way of “word of mouth,” his “little family business” grew exponentially and he began to supply restaurants, local markets, and hotels in the area, delivering his now “ famous” Horseradish. This was the genesis of Elman’s Food Products Ltd!

As the business grew, he would eventually move into the construct behind the family home out of necessity, to expand the space needed for this venture.

Years later, Manny, his youngest son, took over the helm and a host of Kosher products were introduced into the line-up to include Pickles, Pickled Herring, Sauerkraut, Hot Mustards, to name a few…

There was now an ever-growing demand for Elman’s products and with Manny’s foresight, the business burgeoned to a new level of production and service.

Elman’s Food Products offers a full line of high-quality gourmet Kosher products. With our current logo and branding, (Manny’s image on our labels) …we honor the legacy of Samuel and Manny Finkleman and their total commitment to the business of keeping their customers happy with wonderful products, great service, and the high standard which has become synonymous with Elman’s Food Products ltd.

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