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Cool Canuk is a Canadian activewear brand, crafted in Canada by local artisans. Their range includes T-shirts, hoodies, socks, chill tubes, facemasks, cooling towels, etc. They make use of special cooling technology for their activewear range to keep you cool while exercising. All their products are available to buy online on their website.

Brand Name   Cool Canuck
Website   coolcanuck.com
Products   Cooling t-shirts, facemasks, hoodies, chill tube neck gaiters, bandanas,            cooling towels, socks
Phone number   +1 855-822-2665
Email    info@coolcanuck.com
Address   Burlington, Ontario


Brand Story :

Face Mask Technology: Two-ply construction combines a woven and a knit layer of patented fabric technology designed to wick, cool, and evaporate moisture keeping the mask dry and cool for extended periods of time.

During extreme heat, the face mask can be pre-wetted with cold water, wrung out, and worn as a protective cooling barrier to reduce the chances of heat stress and spread of airborne particles.

Our face masks can act as a non-medical facial barrier helping to protect you from harmful viruses like COVID-19, the flu, and the common cold all while keeping you cool and comfortable underneath.

Chill Tube Technology: The Chill Tube is a multi-functional cooling neck gaiter, measures 8” x 20” and made with CoolMax Plus to guarantee a cool experience. Chill Tubes can be worn dry for their high UPF rating, or

pre-wetted to maximize the cooling effect around the neck or head. Additional methods of wearing Chill Tubes include headband, cravat, hairband, beanie, balaclava, and mask.

Available in either black or red Canada maple leaf pattern, these made in Canada neck gaiters will help keep you cool and protected from the elements.

  • 95% UV Protection
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Cooling
  • Multi-Functional
  • Seamless Construction
  • Measures 8” x 20”
  • Made in Canada

Cooling Bandana Technology: Combining both wicking and cooling yarns into a fabric accelerates moisture transport and its cooling function. When moisture is freely wicked from areas of high saturation to low, it is evaporated away faster, keeping the user much cooler and dryer. To be noted, there are no topical treatments applied to enhance fabric function, it’s inherent in the yarns, it’s there for the long life of the garment. Just wear it and go!

Running Sock Technology: Combining wicking and cooling yarns maximizes the sock’s ability to keep the foot dry and cool. The breathable knit design adds additional function while the friction tabs on the heels help prevent blisters.

Hoody Technology: Our Canada pullover hoody is made in Canada using locally sourced 15 oz fleece for maximum warmth and comfort. A contrasting inner hood and drawstring, 2×1 rib waistband and cuff, quality embroidered stitching make this a perfect companion piece for travel, camping or just to wear around the house.

  • S-2XL
  • contrast double-lined hood
  • contrast drawstring
  • 2×1 rib waistband & cuff with Lycra
  • 100% Made In Canada


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