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Coast beachwear is an exclusive and comfortable swimwear brand for men. They manufacture locally in Canada to ensure the best quality. Their team is passionate about water, the ocean, and water sports in general so they understand the needs of their customers closely which reflects in their designs and comfort. You can check out and order their product online.


Brand Name Coast Beachwear
Website coastbeachwear.com
Products Swimwear
Phone number N.A
Email help@coastbeachwear.com
Address 277 Parkrose Private, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K4A 0N8


Brand Story

Coast Beachwear designs and manufactures clothing inspired by a coastal lifestyle. Coast stands also by its alternative meaning of “advancing effortlessly”. This being said when designing our clothing, we have in mind lifelong travelers living out of their sailboats, surf villages in South America, and snorkeling in the blue waters of the Caribbean. We decided to make our clothes locally to have complete oversight of the quality of our products and contribute to the development of the Canadian manufacturing sector. Our team is held together by a passion for the work we do and the satisfaction of a job well done.


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