Mattresses made in Canada: Brunswick

Brunswick Brand Name   Brunswick Website Products    Mattresses, Pillows & Adjustable Beds Phone Number    1-833-462-6969 Customer Care     Live Chat / Email from Website   Pros: - You can order customized Mattresses - Ready to shop mattress can be ordered online Cons: - Up to 12 business days lead time for a customized mattress Picture Credit : Brunswick Facebook

Mattresses made in Canada: C.J. Mulholland Mattress Factory

C.J. Mulholland Mattress Factory Brand Name    C.J. Mulholland Mattress Factory Website     Products    Mattresses & Furniture Phone Number   289-779-1122 Customer Care    905-561-2555   Pros: - Buy direct from the manufacturer and save a lot of money on a quality mattress. - Custom made mattress designed to suit your comfort. Cons: - No ready-to-order mattresses to shop online as it's mostly custom made so takes a little...

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