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Canadian Beauty Brands: Canadian Skincare Brands, Makeup Brands, Haircare Brands & Natural Makeup Brands Canada


1. Nudestix: Canadian Makeup Brand

Nudestix is a Canadian skincare and makeup brand that is perfect for nude glam on the go. This makeup brand is best for those looking for natural shades and no makeup looks. All their products are paraben-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free with vegan options. The tin package is not just chic and made for make-up lovers on the go with a built-in mirror, but is perfectly reusable for every eco-conscious person.


2. Deciem: Canadian Makeup Brand




Deciem is an umbrella of good beauty brands like NIOD, Hylamide, and the Ordinary. DECIEM was founded on principles of authenticity and transparency, and the unclear definition of “clean beauty”. The brands under the Deciem umbrella are cruelty-free & a minimum environment impact company.


3. Cheekbone Beauty: Canadian Makeup Brand


Cheekbone Beauty is a high-quality, indigenous-owned, clean, vegan, and sustainable Canadian beauty brand. The sustain range for lips, eyes, and face is the bestselling range in the store.


4. Bite Beauty: Canadian Makeup Brand



This Canadian makeup brand is high-performance, clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. BITE Beauty specializes in lip products and is a clean beauty brand fueled by skin-loving superfoods.


5. MAC Cosmetics: Canadian Makeup Brand


M.A.C is a high-end makeup brand founded in Toronto. It has a large collection with a variety of shades for everyone. Some of its bestselling products are: M.A.C Lipstick M.A.C Pro Longwear Concealer M.A.C Studio Face and Body Radiant Sheer Foundation M.A.C Strobe Cream M.A.C Prep + Prime Lip


6. Cheeky Cosmetics: Canadian Makeup Brand


Cheeky Cosmetics offers a great variety of high-quality makeup colors and shades on budget. The products are made using natural minerals and certified organic ingredients.

7.  Flawless by Friday: Canadian Makeup Brand


Flawless by Friday is a Canadian Cruelty-Free and Paraben free skincare and makeup brand. The company launches skincare, starting with its five-day facial system, which consists of five different masks, each containing a different blend of ingredients. The system is therefore designed to gradually maximize hydration, skin tone and radiance, leaving the user “flawless on Friday” according to the company’s name.


8. Lush: Canadian Makeup Brand


Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Lush was founded in 1994. This Canadian skincare brand specializes in Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, Customer Service, Skincare, hair care, body care, color, and 100% vegetarian, 80% vegan, 67% preservative-free, 46% packaging free.


9. Stellar Beauty: Canadian Makeup Brand


STELLAR is a 100% cruelty-free Canadian beauty brand. They don’t use parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. It’s fragrance-free, (except Starlust Lipgloss) and mineral oil-free, (except Magnetic Eyeshadow). Most of their products are vegan, and all products are gluten-free.


10. Pure Anada: Canadian Makeup Brand


Pure Anada is a Canadian skincare brand that believes in supporting locally made, healthy Canadian products. Ethically sourced ingredients are sourced from all across the globe but responsibly manufactured in their own manufacturing facility in Manitoba. This Canadian skincare brand relies on clean formulations to create luxurious, affordable cosmetics exclusively using ingredients that are derived from nature. The brand is also cruelty-free and environmentally friendly.



11. Marc Anthony Cosmetics: Canadian Makeup Brand


Marc Anthony True Professional® is built on the belief that beauty begins with healthy hair. For more than twenty years, we have continued to develop quality salon products tailored to the individual needs of beauty, which are tested daily in our salons. Our products are made from first-class ingredients to suit all hair types. Curly straight, attractive, or damaged damn, there is a clock care solution for everyone.



12. Lise Watier: Canadian Makeup Brand

canadian skincare brand lise watier

Lise Watier is Canadian skincare, makeup, and fragrance brand, launched in 1972 by Madame Lise Watier, and distributed through department and select drugstores. Fun colors to create more daring looks – be it a bold eye line, a vibrant shade of lip, a well-defined brow, or a natural glow. Canadian skincare ingredients are thoughtfully designed for Canadian skin type. Fragrances with iconic notes represent the essence of each unique woman.



13. Cover FX: Canadian Makeup Brand

Canadian beauty brand coverfx

Cover Fx is a Canadian skincare and makeup brand that is 100% vegan & cruelty-free. Check out this brand for high-performance formulas with clean, skin-loving ingredients

14. ILIA Beauty: Canadian Makeup Brand


Lightweight and natural-looking formulas are what you can expect from this Canadian skincare brand. The Balmy Gloss Tinted Lip Oil is made in Canada and some products are made outside Canada. Founded in 2011, ILIA has been at the forefront of the clean beauty movement.

15. Cargo Cosmetics: Canadian Makeup Brand


Founded in 1966, Cargo Cosmetics is a Toronto-based company. They make high-quality makeup products and their formulas are inspired by an independent trendsetter who is always on a new adventure.



16. RMS Beauty: Canadian Makeup Brand


An original, pure, organic cosmetic line created by Rose-Marie Swift. Based on living and organic principles, made for hydration and nutrition, basically radiant skin. Consider this skincare with mineral color – it gives make up a whole new meaning.



17. Ombrelle: Canadian Makeup Brand


Whatever sun protection you need, you can find the best Ombrelle sunscreen for you. Umbrella sunscreen is formulated as an ultralight cream for everyday use and is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and odorless. Dermatologist-tested and formulated for sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic, non-greasy, and provides effective broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

18. Inspired Sense: Canadian Hand-care Brand

Canadian-skincare brand inspired sense

Inspired Sense is a line of all-natural products for hand, body & soul, using all the finest natural ingredients and essential oils. Made in small batches for optimum freshness. Our products are Leaping Bunny Certified and come in Vegan formulas.

10 free I.S. polish, Vegan friendly, and NEVER tested on animals Leaping Bunny Certified! 10 free nail polishes and bases avoid the ingredients deemed toxic.


19. Soothsayer: Canadian Skincare Brand


Handmade and natural herbal remedies & beauty products based in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario


20. Maritime Naturals: Canadian Skincare Brand

Canadian skincare brand maritime naturals

This Canadian skincare brand offers organic products with a high content of antioxidants that help cleanse and hydrate your skin while stimulating collagen and restoring and rejuvenating your appearance. And they do it without aggressive chemicals so that you can feel good in your skincare routine and face the world with a new, younger, and healthier look.


21. Nickel City Beard Blends: Canadian Skincare Brand


Nickel City Beard Blends, is a Canadian beardcare brand. Vitamin-rich beard and body care products, rich in nutrients and extremely delicious scents, are specially designed to hydrate not only your beard but also the skin beneath it. You will not find cheap chemical fillers or synthetic perfume oils in any of our blends. We are proud to announce that our products are All-Natural as they should be!


22. Bee Purified: Canadian Skincare Brand


Nickel City Beard Blends, is a Canadian beard care brand. Vitamin-rich beard and body care products, rich in nutrients and extremely delicious scents, are specially designed to hydrate not only your beard but also the skin beneath it. You will not find cheap chemical fillers or synthetic perfume oils in any of our blends. We are proud to announce that our products are All-Natural as they should be!


23. The Green Beaver Company: Canadian Skincare Brand



Green Beaver is a family business that relies on clean, natural ingredients to bring you safe alternatives to home cleaning or personal care products. Green Beaver manufactures all its products in a certified “Ecocert” facility. Everything we do is in accordance with strict ecological procedures.

24. Live Clean: Canadian Skincare Brand


Living Clean can seem complicated. There are so many things to think about. Too many ingredients to read. So many options. Living Clean is a Canadian skincare brand that is Leaping Bunny Certified and made from at least 97% plant and natural ingredients.


25. Bad Mouth Soap: Canadian Skincare Brand


Fine and delicate handmade soap for dirty people.
Can’t find the perfect gift? Use pop culture links and show someone you care about … or not, anywhere …
They are lightly scented with essential and fragrant oils and are colored with clays, mica, and ultramarines. Most soaps smell [not] traditional, even though we try to have something for everyone.

Soap for dirty people.
100% simple – 100% handmade – 100% clean


26. Rocky Mountain Soap Company: Canadian Skincare Brand

canadian skincare brandrocky mountain soap company



29. East Coast Glow: Canadian Skincare Brand


Handcrafted cold process soap made the old-fashioned way. We use local ingredients, many of which are wild-crafted in NL. Sustainable and cruelty-free. A creative iceberg-infused cosmetics studio in Bonavista, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada. Cosmetics and personal care products (Note- Its all made from iceberg water)

30. Aqua Skincare: Canadian Skincare Brand


Anti-pollution skin care expert. Their new anti-pollution skin care products can help protect your skin and also reduce the appearance of fine lines. The products are made by combining the timeless ingredients of natural resources with the latest skincare formulations.



31. Saje Natural Wellness: Canadian Skincare Brand


Saje Natural Wellness is a Canadian retailer of essential oils and skin care products for private labels. The company was founded in 1992 by Kate and Jean-Pierre LeBlanc in Lonsdale Quay, Vancouver, British Columbia. In 2016, the company opened its first international branch in California.

33. THE POTION MASTERS: Canadian Skincare Brand




34. HUDSON SOAP CO.: Canadian Skincare Brand


PURE | NATURAL | SIMPLE Handcrafted Natural Soap, Bath & Body Products | Plant Base Ingredients | Low-Waste Packaging | Made in Canada. Natural soap, bath & body products Handmade by Allison Young in Canada . No synthetic or artificial additives


35. L’ATELIER CANDIDE: Canadian Skincare Brand

skincare brands latelier candidie

If you want to know how to adopt a 100% natural routine and know the benefits of natural beauty products and supplements, check out the Natural Beauty Tips blog. Canadian and environmental considerations are a priority when choosing products. Knowledge of offered markets.

36. KOA NATURAL SKINCARE: Canadian Skincare Brand


KOA is a Canadian skincare brand, designed, manufactured and packaged in Ontario, Canada using high quality plant and natural ingredients. Their products are manufactured with transparency and science in mind.



37. PLANTIFY NATURAL SKINCARE: Canadian Skincare Brand


It is a Canadian skincare company in Kitchener, Ontario, dedicated to the production of healthy, natural and therapeutic skin care products. They focus on facial skin care, but we will soon be busy adding new things. They are very selective in the ingredients we choose and we choose as many biological and synthetic vegetable oils as possible. See a complete list of the most commonly used toxic ingredients that are never part of our products. They never use synthetic fragrances in our products. Instead, they choose 100% natural and certified organic aromatic extracts as therapeutic essential oils. For example, Supreme Moisture Facial Oil brings a wonderful natural lilac scent.


38. PURE HEART ESSENTIALS: Canadian Skincare Brand


The brand started out as Pure Heart Shiatsu … but as it became more popular, I had to quit Shiatsu … so I remembered ‘Essentials’ because I have all the basic skin care one needs. I choose Pure Heart to emphasize my intentions. Pure Heart Essentials is certified by Leaping Bunny as a non-violent company. Our products are CertClean certified. The Pure Heart Essentials includes the EcoExcellence Hair Care Award for our shampoo bars and our beard oil, which placed 2nd in the Clean Beauty Awards.


39. TERRA SUPRA SKINCARE INC: Canadian Skincare Brand


Terra Supra is about bringing you and your loved ones back to the first gentle touch. They use only biological and natural raw materials. Gentle, best-in-class exfoliants together with flaxseed moisturizing serums treat dry skin and leave you soft and smooth.


40. AURUM SKINCARE: Canadian Skincare Brand


Prebiotic skincare for soothing and hydrating naturally reactive facial skin. Based on award-winning research in enzyme-treated birch water. Developed and harvested in northern Canada.


41. LUNAR SKIN: Canadian Skincare Brand


Lunar skin uses the latest advanced skincare technology and high-quality essential oils. Creams, serums, and cleansers restore the skin’s natural radiance and slow down the natural aging process without damaging it. Their products, based on clean and highly effective recipes, are full of natural plant substances that can heal, heal and protect the natural beauty of your skin. Thanks to highly effective essential oils that hydrate, nourish, and have a high concentration of anti-aging properties, the products cure all the worries that clients have.

42. BAY HARBOUR NATURAL SKINCARE: Canadian Skincare Brand


Bay Harbor is built on the principles of producing formulations that are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, non-violent and adapt to skin type. Each line is made by hand in small batches with premium herbal ingredients and aromatherapy combinations. Bay Harbor also registers each formulation with Health Canada. Bay Harbor Springs produce sustainable natural ingredients around the world. They are 100% pure and free of residues of herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. We also try to use ingredients produced by sustainable agricultural practices that promote fair trade.


43. REVERSA – DERMTEK PHARMA: Canadian Skincare Brand


Dermtek Pharma was founded in 1985 by Robert Lavoie and Nicole Clavet. Robert, a well-known figure in the Canadian dermatology specialization, received the Healthcare Marketing Hall of Fame Award in 2004 and in 2016 the CDA (Canadian Dermatology .Association) awarded him the Honor Award for his contributions to the general well-being of Canadians. . The Reversa brand is created and each of the brand’s products strives to meet the different needs of its consumers. Reversa was one of the first brands to use glycolic acid as its main active ingredient, but the innovation did not end there. Such an innovation can be seen at Reversa every day, as all products are manufactured by our team of experts.


44. BRASQUÉ BEAUTÉ SKINCARE: Canadian Skincare Brand


BRASQUÉ BEAUTÉ SKINCARE is a plant-based, high-performance, vega, paraben-free, cruelty free, non-toxic, and artificial colors & fragrance-free Canadian skincare brand. Their luxurious natural, vegan handmade skincare in Quebec, Canada. They use only active ingredients of the highest quality to produce our products. They use exotic oils like Buriti, Hemp and Babchi combine with luxurious absolute and essential oils such as jasmine, rose and gardenia, which ends up with a rich, decadent, and strong skin blend.


45. ADEWUNMI SKINCARE: Canadian Skincare Brand


Based in Edmonton, Canada, ADEWUNMI SKINCARE is a Canadian skincare brand that brings high quality and affordable skincare. This Canadian skincare brand offers skin and body care products full of antioxidants for dry and sensitive skin. They have gentle but unique moisturizing solutions.


46. KEEPER COSMETICS INC: Canadian Skincare Brand


Keeper Beauty is a Canadian skincare brand born to provide luxury products that inspire opportunities to care for and improve yourself. Created for enthusiasts and anyone who believes in the beauty of their dreams, we create and treat simple and effective recipes that are good for you and good for Mother Earth, while honoring your mind, body and soul.

47. THE FRESH WIFE: Canadian Skincare Brand


Fresh Wife Soap Company is a natural, locally produced company for the production of small batches of soap. Their unique blend of essential oils and natural butter creates luxurious soaps and skincare products that make you feel good – with your whole family. You can be sure that their products do not contain dyes, fragrances, or toxins.


48. OMY LABORATOIRES: Canadian Skincare Brand


Omy Laboratoires is the only laboratory in Canada that personalizes skin care products in person and online. Customized Skincare made to evolve with you This Canadian skincare brand uses 95%+ natural & vegan ingredients. The personalised skincare formulas are Made in Canada by scientists.



49. EARTHNOTES SKINCARE: Canadian Skincare Brand


Earthnotes Skincare is a natural skincare brand run by all women based in Montreal, Canada. Their story begins with a simple search for a dirty body exfoliant that leaves the skin soft, hydrated, made from pure ingredients and inexpensive. All products have strong moisturizing properties to improve the health of your skin. All products are made from first-class raw materials, do not contain parabens and sulfates, and cruelty free.



50. BEE BY THE SEA NATURAL PRODUCTS: Canadian Skincare Brand


Bee at The Sea Natural Products was founded in 2008 by Andrew Wingrove, who had the opportunity to discover a dandelion while traveling abroad. He immediately adopted exceptional medicinal properties, anti-aging effects, and an extensive history of the medicinal plant. As a passionate beekeeper, Andrew immediately agreed that this superfood would be a great companion to another force of nature, honey. After some research and development, Andrew introduced a cream different from anything else on the market, and Bee was born in The Sea! Fast forward and still, they produce this best-selling body cream and the entire collection with our main ingredient, dandelion, and honey. Customers report success with using our products for soft skin and improving overall appearance and texture. They produce products in small series from quality natural raw materials. They are a true Canadian skincare brand; and are proud to manufacture and package our products in Ontario and they are passionate about pure and unobtrusive beauty!

51. PRAIRIE SOAP SHACK: Canadian Skincare Brand


Prairie Soap Shack draws inspiration from the past and plants of the prairies to create completely natural skin and body care for people who want a modern self-care routine related to nature and nostalgia at their roots.



52. MINIMAL LLAMA: Canadian Skincare Brand


Essential Skincare with a focus on Transparency + Sustainability. Clean • Vegan • Zero-Waste • Organic Est. 2021


53. DELIA SKINCARE: Canadian Skincare Brand


Delia Skin Care offers luxurious and effective skincare products at affordable prices. Our formulas are all-natural, cruelty-free, and vegan. All products are handmade in small batches, ensuring quality and freshness. All products are natural, cruelty free and vegan.


54. EMELLEEM SOAPS: Canadian Skincare Brand


EmElleEm Soaps are fragrant and pretty bath products that don’t cost a fortune. These handcrafted bath and body products are made in small batches with good moisturizing properties.


55. MAMASLAYS: Canadian Skincare Brand

Sourcing ingredients from all across the globe this Canadian skincare brand brings the best of all. Simple skincare from around the globe- Only the best ingredients from Morocco 🇲🇦 Brazil 🇧🇷 India 🇮🇳 Canada 🇨🇦 📍 Dead Sea 🇯🇴



56. SKWÁLWEN BOTANICALS: Canadian Skincare Brand


Sḵwálwen (skwall – win) is a luxury Canadian beauty brand that produces botanical skincare products. They respect the traditional knowledge of Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) plants, incorporate sustainably harvested and sourced plants and organic, high-quality organic ingredients. Each product is called Squamish in honor of the area where this knowledge of plants comes from.


57. SALT & SEAWEED APOTHECARY: Canadian Skincare Brand


SALT & SEAWEED APOTHECARY is passionate about protecting the environment by creating luxurious little bath rituals performed with sustainable, responsibly harvested ingredients from the wild and clean seas of British Columbia in Canada. Handmade and proudly non-commercial, it’s a close relationship between art and science, business and passion, customers are the key to Salt & Seaweed’s success. From time immemorial, the secrets of marine beauty have been honored – including the rapid restoration of the properties of seaweed, seawater, sea salt, and glacial clay. All products are filled with active marine ingredients and the purest, biologically essential oils, which have been carefully selected to beautify, repair, and replenish your skin. Synergies between seaweed, organic essential oils, and plant nutrients create effective anti-aging agents that effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and leave your skin soft, smooth, radiant, and hydrated.



58. WYCHBURY AVE: Canadian Skincare Brand


Wychbury Ave, is a Canadian bath and body products brand that supports healthy living and sustainable environmental practices. All products are spicy, made in small batches of residues from fair trade and ethical materials. Recognizing that the essential oils industry has a negative impact on our natural resources and that excessive use of oils is not good for our health, we have decided to use essential oils in our soaps without endangering the plant species and in small quantities only if appropriate. . All fragrances are free of parabens and phthalates and are used in very low standard concentrations to deliver light fragrance products that promote happiness and well-being.



59. LITTLE LAMB LAVENDER: Canadian Skincare Brand


Homegrown Blooms + Handcrafted Goods. Lavender Inspired Goodness from Northern British Columbia.



60. GETI COSMETICS: Canadian Skincare Brand


GETI is a Canadian skincare brand that believes there is no need to go to your skin that you cannot eat. That’s why they take the time to create high-quality products that trade as brands you know and fully love food ingredients. Everything they do is literally good enough for us to go for it.



61. MATKA ESSENTIALS: Canadian Skincare Brand


Matka Botanicals is a Canadian vegan beauty brand based in Vancouver, founded by Nicolina Kolster, which provides clean and non-violent beauty brand solutions while actively defending animal rights through education, knowledge and monthly donations. The products are vegan, cruelty-free and made with love and care in small batches with high performance and 100% plant based ingredients.




62. NATURE’S KEY SKINCARE: Canadian Skincare Brand


NATURE’S KEY SKINCARE is a Canadian skincare brand made from all-natural products, the founder is constantly looking for new products and ingredients that can be used instead of standard commercial products that have many harmful side effects. chemicals and who knows what else. They want to supply products that are 100% natural and strictly follow these instructions without hesitation. The products are inspired by our friends and family who need help with their own skincare problems, they have found natural solutions to help them live more comfortably with the problems they were facing.



64. MÅNGATA APOTHECARY: Canadian Skincare Brand


Mangata Apothecary is a Canadian CertClean certified skincare brand that offers a wide range of herbal care products for all family members, including children. Natural, non-violent cosmetic products made from natural materials. Herbal medicine training and DIY books are also available. Mangata Apothecary creates herbal body care products and baths that are beneficial, simple and effective!


65. CURE SOAPS: Canadian Skincare Brand


Hand Made on Vancouver Island, all of our products have ZERO preservatives, synthetic fragrances and colours. A Vancouver Island Luxury Artisan Soap & Skincare Company. Plant-Based, Cruelty Free & Ethically Made.

66. BARELUXE SKINCARE: Canadian Skincare Brand


This Canadian skincare brand, with an emphasis on business ethics and sustainability, is set as a breakthrough innovator and driver of the plastic-free movement in the premium skincare market. No mistakes ~ vegan ~ sustainable ~ free from all things Starting with the most natural and least processed ingredients, our own CoreComplex ™ combines each of them and forms the basis for one of our enhanced skin oils. Using Performance Botanicals work, they have created a range of premium plant-based skincare products that are more effective than simple carrier-only oils.



67. PURE ANADA: Canadian Skincare Brand


Made by hand in the Canadian prairies from fresh, fine ingredients. “We love to see the goodness of nature embedded in each of our products. Luxurious vegetable oils, healthy butter, and ethical minerals are combined to create products that you can enjoy.”



68. CREATE BOTANICALS: Canadian Skincare Brand


Create Botanicals was launched in 2015, where they focused on the powers of plants to help people heal and bring confidence to their skin. Rooted in slow living they wanted to create a line of products that worked effortlessly together but you were still able to use the line as simple and small as wanted.



69. GROUNDED SAGE SKINCARE: Canadian Skincare Brand


Since its launch in 2009, Grounded Sage has flourished, but its mission to enable others to lead softer and better lives has not changed. From natural ingredients to handmade products to straightforward skincare training, Grounded Sage makes “skincare” less stressful and less confusing. By sending positive skin messages, filler-free products, and connections to nature, Grounded Sage Skincare and our Radiant Rebels community are turning “skincare” into a personal care path. self, empowerment, and kindness.



70. IREMIA SKINCARE: Canadian Skincare Brand


Iremia Skincare is an award-winning, natural skincare company designed to soothe and treat sensitive skin. Our founder Elaine Li suffers from rosacea and eczema and is committed to providing original product recipes that are suitable for the whole family. This Canadian skincare brand is a small dose of a natural skincare line based in Canada that helps soothe and manage sensitive skin. Our original recipes provide a minimalist but luxurious and effective sedative routine that is also suitable for the whole family.



71. KAWI COSMETICS: Canadian Skincare Brand


Every Kawi product is non-toxic without harmful parabens or phthalates. Why choose between natural blends and high-performance results when you can do both! They help people achieve their best results in a real, realistic way with only the highest quality ingredients – because your skin deserves it Luxury Organic Skincare | Affordable Price ◾️Cruelty-free | Paraben-free | Vegan.



72. TANGCO & CO: Canadian Skincare Brand


All natural Aromatherapy, Apothecary online store. Every blend is crafted with patience, love, and mindful intention.

73. CALLI ESSENTIALS: Canadian Skincare Brand


The founder, Lorelei Hummel started Calli Essentials in 2011 because of her own serious acne problem in adults in her 30s and 40s. She has tried many common mass-produced skincare products and there are no over-the-counter solutions to solve her problem. Calli Essentials continues to innovate and introduce new products that are always herbal, effective, and always rooted in aromatherapy. They believe in the beneficial intelligence of essential oils, hydrosols, and plant extracts. However, it is particularly remarkably effective when mixed synergistically. They always supply clean skincare products that heal, prevent, hydrate, heal, nourish and rejuvenate.


74. THERMAL YOUTH: Canadian Skincare Brand




75. MAGGIE & OLIVE: Canadian Skincare Brand



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