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Winter Jackets Made in Canada

Canada is a country known for its natural beauty and its people. The country is a melting pot of cultures, languages, and religions. Canada is also a land of opportunity for those who want to make their own way in the world. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that Canadians are so proud of their heritage.

The Canadian winter can be harsh but with these Canadian jacket brands, you’ll be able to brave the cold with ease!

The winter jackets made in Canada are warmer and are made with high-quality materials.

The winter jackets manufactured in Canada are warmer than the ones that are manufactured in other countries, such as China. The reason for this is because of the quality of the materials that they use to make these jackets. These jackets are also better at keeping you warm because they use more insulation.

How to Choose the Right Winter Jacket?

With winter in full swing, you may be looking for the best jacket to keep you warm on those cold days. But it’s not always easy to find the perfect coat that fits your needs. With so many different types of jackets, prices, colors, and sizes available now, it can be tough to choose.

This article will help you narrow down the options and make a decision on what type of jacket is best for you!

**What kind of jacket should I buy?**

There are three main types of jackets: coats, parkas, and trenches.

The type of coat you need depends largely on where you live.

If you live in a place with cold winters, a heavy coat like a wool coat or thick down-filled parka might work best for you.

If it’s just cold enough to use a scarf or wear something over your sweater but not cold enough for something more heavy-duty like a coat then an ultra-lightweight trench overcoat might work better.

As for parkas, they The winter weather is coming and it’s all about the jackets.


1. Boutique Ethica: Canadian Made Jackets For Men & Women


Website:  boutiqueethica.com


Overview: They have two types of Winter Jackets: Polar Fleece Jackets & Hooded Quilted Jackets for Men & Women.

Polar Fleece Coat is designed in an ethical environment and made from recycled fabrics.

Hooded Quilted Jackets are made of 100% Nylon Shell, 100% Polyester filling, and 100% recycled polyester lining.

Boutique Ethica clothes are made from organic cotton and recycled polyester fabric (rPET).

1% of your purchase on their website will be donated to 1 % for the Planet.

Manufactured in: Quebec, Canada



2. Wuxly: Canadian made Vegan Winter Coats & Outerwear for Men & women



Website: wuxly.com


Overview: They have men & women Outerwear Jackets – Parkas, Bomber Mid-weights & Wests as well as Fleece Winter Coats.

Wuxly is an animal-friendly brand and ethically source their raw material.

Materials used are Recycled Polyester,​ Polyester, Sorona, Recycled Nylon, Bio-based Blowable Sorona, etc

Most of their Winter jackets come with a 5-year warranty.

With Wuxly Live Warm Trade-up Program: You can trade-in your down-filled or fur-trimmed outerwear in a responsible eco-friendly way and gain a credit of $100CAD.

Manufactured in: Toronto & Winnipeg, Canada


3. Hiso: Canadian made Luxury Winter Coats & Jackets for Men & women


Website: hiso.ca


Overview: Founded in 1975, Hiso was previously known as Hide society. This Canadian-founded company comes with 45 years of experience in every garment. They have revived coats to blend fashion with function effectively. HISO envisioned innovative designs while still maintaining luxe shearling material and exceptional craftsmanship unique to the brand. HiSO became a  global name known for its Black Label division directed towards the bridge marketplace.

Their shearling outerwear is manufactured in Poland, the rest is manufactured in Toronto, Ontario-based manufacturing facility.

Manufactured in: Ontario, Toronto in Canada & Poland.

4. Audvik: Canadian made Insulated Winter Coats & Parkas for Men & women


Website: audvik.com

Overview: Founded in 1979 Audvik manufactures eco-friendly winter coats for harsh Canadian winters.

All winter coats of the Audvik collection are carefully handmade in their Chabanel workshop.

Their offline store is also located in Chabanel. The brand for the last 40 years has been delivering high-quality, innovative, very warm clothing, perfect for facing the climate in Canada.

In an effort to stay environment-friendly Audvik has recycled 18494 bottles and their jackets are made from 100% recycled materials. Audvik coats also come with a lifetime warranty.

Manufactured in: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

5. Paul Brodie: Canadian made Outerwear Brand for Men and Women


Website: paulbrodie.com

Overview: Paul & Brodie is a Canadian outerwear and footwear brand which manufactures durable high-quality products. Their women’s Outerwear range includes wood cardigans, detailed wool coats, wax cotton jackets, poncho/cape nylon snap up.

Men’s outerwear range includes wool sweaters, shearling wool collar coats, cashmere wool collar coats, tracker jackets, scout jackets, etc.

Manufactured in: Designed and Manufactured in Canada


6. Wolfe Co. Apparel: Canadian made Jackets, Long Winter Coats, Toupe Jackets, Cardigans

Website: wolfecoapparel.com


Wolfe Co. Apparels was founded by Canadian Brittney Powell out of her personal struggle to find Canadian-made clothing. Starting with RV converted mobile storefront and spreading awareness about domestic-made clothing Wolfe Co. has now opened a 3000 square foot flagship store in Ontario. From puffer jackets to long cardigans Wolfe Co. has quite a few jackets in their clothing range. Do check them out.

Manufactured in: Canada

7. Arcteryx: Canadian Made Outerwear For Men and Women



Website: arcteryx.com

Overview: Made and tested in the harshest Canadian environment they manufacture Canadian Outerwears for extreme weather. Shell jackets and insulated jackets for men and women are manufactured in a sustainable manner taking care of the environment. They manufacture Clothing, backpacks, accessories, camping, hiking, skiing, and other sporting accessories.

Manufactured in: 70 % Made in Burnby, Canada. 30% outside Canada


8. Arctic Bay: Canadian made Parka, Jackets, Winter Coats for Men & Women


Website: arctic-bay.ca

Overview: Arctic Bay jackets and other winter clothing products are made of the highest quality materials and workmanship to protect you in the worst weather conditions. Their range includes the widest choice of colors and designs for both men and women.

For Arctic Bay products purchased from authorized resellers or online stores, they provide a full warranty for defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. 

Manufactured in: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

9. My Coat is Blue: Canadian made Winter Coats, Parkas for Men & Women

Website: mycoatisblue.com


Designed and manufactured in Toronto, Canada this Canadian brand creates the perfect balance between classic and modernity and creates timeless pieces. Their clothing is made with Italian wool-blend fabrics. The founder has 15+ years of industry experience which is clearly visible in the beautiful designs.

Manufactured in: Toronto, ON. Canada


10. West Comb: Canadian-made Jackets, Sweaters, Parka, Hoodie, and Vest for men & women.


Website: westcomb.com

Overview: With high tech manufacturing facility to trade experts this Canadian brand aims for quality and innovation which reflects in their material and designs.

The materials used are waterproof and stretchable. Natural fibers are used that wick the heat away when warm and insulate when cold. Perfect for multi-sport athletes. 

Westcomb has managed to have nearly zero the carbon footprint of their business

Manufactured in: Vancouver, Canada

11. Outdoor Survival Canada: Canadian made Performance Outerwear for Extreme weather


Website: outdoorsurvivalcanada.com

Overview: Founded in 2009, the OSC manufacturing facility is based in Toronto, Canada. High-quality outerwears are handmade for harsh Canada Winters. It brings the most modern designs with enduring qualities and that makes it stand out. The outerwears come with a unique blend of warmth, sturdiness, and waterproofness yet an unmatched sense of style.

Manufactured in: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

12. Canadian Wolf: Canadian made Winter Coats & Jackets


Website: canadianwolf.com

Overview: Founded in 2011, Canadian Wolfe is a Canadian Outerwear brand for men women, and children. They are ethically crafted, locally sourced, and made of high-quality materials well suited for Canadian winters.

Handmade and designed by local artisans the apparels are performance-driven, build to last in the harshest Canadian winters. 

Manufactured in: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

13. Taiga Works: Canadian made Outerwear for Men & Women


Website: taigaworks.com

Overview: Taiga Works is a Canadian Cutting edge, outdoor gear, and clothing brand. It is designed and manufactured in Vancouver, British Columbia plant. The product range includes Outdoor Clothing & Active Wear; Hiking, Backpacking & Mountain Equipment; Ski Wear; Equipment for Adventure Travel & Trekking; Survival Gear; Cycle Shells and Boating Wear.

Jackets are high-performance, breathable, super warm and lighter on weight.

Manufactured in: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

14. OSC Cross: Jacket Manufacturer- ​ Canadian-made Jackets, Winter Coats & Outerwear.

Website: osccross.com

Overview: Manufactured in Toronto, Ontario, Canada OSC cross jackets is a premium handmade down coats brand.

Sports Inspired down coats for milder urban environments. OSC Cross is a sister brand of outdoor survival Canada. They are masters when it comes to performance-based high-quality jackets combined with classic modern style.

Manufactured in: Toronto, Ontario, Canada



15. M0851: Canadian made Leather Jackets, Parkas & Coats 

Website: m0851.com

Overview: Based in Montreal M0851 produces men & women leather jackets, parkas, and coats. They also manufactures bags & accessories. The product designs are sleek, aesthetic & functional.

The jackets & coats are made from high quality leather like- Mitti leather, a washed lamb leather, full-grain cowhide. These waterproof leather jackets & coats can be perfect garment for light rain.

Manufactured in: Montreal, Quebec, Canada



16. Kanuk: Canadian made Winter Coats and Light Coats

Website: https://www.kanuk.com/fr_ca/

Overview: At Kanuk they have been manufacturing Handmade artsinal winter coats in traditional manner since last 50 years. The Winter coats are still handmade but calliberated using latest technology. Most designs are classic traditional designs which are evergreen and still in high demand. The new evolved designs have also been added further according to the contemporary styles. The range includes Winter coats & light coats – long, mid length and short winter coats, down insulation, synthetic insulation.

Manufactured in: Montreal, Quebec, Canada



17. Body Bag by Jude: Canadian made Designer Jacket 

Website: bodybagbyjude.com

Overview: Body Bag by Jude was launched in 1998 after selling small collections in boutique. The brand was targeted initially for clubs and raves but later evolved into a designer brand for young professionals. Designed and manufactured in Montreal the brand brings out the feminine element of style though their collection.

Manufactured in: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

18. Olio Eco: Canadian made Designer Jacket 


Website: olioeco.com

Overview: Founded in 1986 Olie Eco is committed to bringing sustainable yet long-lasting garments with the best designs. Olie Eco is a hundred percent made in Canada brand for women. The fabrics used are organic, natural, reworked, and reclaimed. The founder and CEO is passionate about social, environmental, and ethical issues. The designer jackets and coats by Olio Eco are more suited for mild, urban fashion and not extreme cold weather.

Manufactured in: Canada

19. Jennifer Glasgow Design: Canadian made Designer jackets, Winter Coats 

Website: jenniferglasgowdesign.com


Jennifer Glasgow Design is a design house based in Montreal, Quebec, which focuses on creating environmentally conscious women’s clothing for versatile and sophisticated women.
Their own team designs and manufactures our collections with the help of highly qualified Montreal seamstresses and are committed to creating an ethical work environment.

General 54 is our flagship boutique, where they exhibit all collections as well as a unique selection of like-minded designers from around the world.

Manufactured in: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

20. CMFR Canada: Outerwear Manufacturer – Canadian made Parka, Jackets

Website: cmfrcanada.com


CMFR jackets are designed for extremely low temperatures in Canada – each jacket is professionally designed to provide quality, durability, and above all style.

It all starts with a mission – to reconcile the rigidity of extreme use of time with the ability of fashion. With it as our compass, we have created a series of jackets that will withstand the terrible conditions of life in the north and at the same time provide a second look to the left. CMFR: survival in the most severe conditions; impress the greatest critics.

Manufactured in: Canada




21. Joseph Tassoni: Canadian made Designer Jackets for Men & Women


Website: josephtassoni.com


In 2017, Joseph launched his outerwear brand at a warm reception at Toronto Fashion Week. Designed, purchased, and manufactured in Canada, the award-winning Joseph Tassoni brand is a celebration of Canadian quality, craftsmanship, and creativity. The Joseph Tassoni brand is known for its best-in-class materials and inventive design, ensuring that women and men wearing these dresses do not have to sacrifice comfort for style.

The aesthetics of Joseph’s design is an expression of courageous femininity and high fashion while remaining focused on compromises in suitability.

Manufactured in: Ontario, Canada


22. Tanya The Berge: Canadian made Designer jackets


Website: tanyatheberge.com


Tanya Theberge is a French-Punjabi fashion designer and textile designer. With 15 years of experience in creating unique, meaningful clothing for his clients, she has successfully created pieces for celebrities like Drake, Division, Arkells, Johnny Orlando, Priyanka Chopra, GiGi Gorgeous, Stereos and so on.

Her collections focus on upcycled denim, recycled materials that serve as the basis for her special craft embroidery.


Manufactured in: Canada


23. Canada Goose: Canadian made Jackets, Parkas, Outerwear Brand


Website: https://www.canadagoose.com/ca/en/home-page

Overview: Canada Goose, built in a small warehouse in Toronto almost sixty years ago, has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of luxury clothing. Started with Sam Tick who emigrated to Canada with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. In 1957, he founded Metro Sportswear Ltd. in Toronto, specializing in fleece, raincoats, and snowmobile suits.

The brand will be able to have 90% of Canada Goods in domestic production with an approved BLUESIGN® label for furnished and sustainable procedures.

Manufactured in: Canada ( Montreal, Toronto, Scarborough, Winnipeg)


24. Moose Knuckles: Canadian made Parkas, Bombers, Jackets 


Website: https://www.mooseknucklescanada.com

Overview: The brand was founded in 2009, on the belief that it can make the thinnest, toughest, and most luxurious sportswear in the world. Ever since they are committed to creating the Canadian knowledge, grain, and heritage of each thread, seam, and zipper. Combined with proven performance and a unique look, Moose Knuckles is a unique outerwear brand available worldwide. We are a family, a community, a tribe and we carry it in our arms.

Manufactured in: Quebec, Canada


25. Quartz Co: Canadian made Outerwear, Jackets for Men & Women


Website: quartz-co.com

Overview: Quartz Co. was founded in Canada in 1997, the brand has gained a leading position in the premium winter coat industry in Canada and abroad. Their products are recognized for their high quality, reliability, low weight, and resistance to cold climates.
Acquired in 2015, Quartz Co. now led by three young entrepreneurs, Quartz Co. is aware of the need for a new generation of modern outerwear. it combines timeless design, performance, Canadian expertise, and sustainable practices and truly embraces the Nordic lifestyle.

Manufactured in: Designed & Made in Canada


26. Soia Kyo: Canadian made Winter Coats, jackets, Downs, Trenches for Women

Website: soiakyo.com

Overview: SOIA & KYO means beauty in simplicity. The brand’s mission is to – stay true to our timeless, effortless style. They have positioned themselves as a Luxury outerwear brand for women. By incorporating environmentally friendly materials into our products, they have reintroduced our most desirable categories for light, medium, and heavy down feathers and formal wear.

Manufactured in: Made in Canada


27. Mackage: Winter Coats, Jackets 

Website: mackage.com

Overview: Founded in 1999, by Eran Elfassy Mackage is one the most prestigious contemporary outerwear brand globally. The brand’s mission was to elevate outerwear with a balance of fashion and function and they successfully have achieved the perfect balance. The collections combine the finest leathers, wool, and down, with tailored silhouettes and precision detail. The jackets, winter coats, and outerwear are made for harsh colds and Lab-tested down to -30C.

Manufactured in: Canada, Europe & China






28. Bristol Leather: Canadian made Premium Leather Motorcycle Jackets 


Website: bristolleather.com

Overview: Founded in 1958, Bristol has positioned itself as a premium leather riding garments brand in Canada. The collection includes custom-fit motorcycle jackets, leather vests, and riding chaps. All garments are manufactured locally in their Montreal-based factory. 

Manufactured in: Montreal, Quebec, Canada


29. Creations Jez: Canadian made Fine leather Jackets, Winter Coats, Outerwear for Men & Women


Website: creationsjez.ca

Overview: Founded in 1980 by Zeljko Jez, manufactures delicately finished fine leather jackets and winter coats including bespoke and made-to-measure jackets and winter coats. Jez is a family-owned business and their jackets, coats,etc are manufactured locally in their Montreal-based factory.

Manufactured in: Montreal, Quebec, Canada



30. Yoga Jeans: Canadian made Denim Jackets for Women


Website: yogajeans.ca

Overview: Operating since 2011, yoga jeans manufacture their clothing in St-Come Linière, QC, Canada in their 50,000 square foot factory. Yoga Jeans® is eco-friendly clothing that is durable and fashionable. The durable and high-quality moldings are also made in Canada. They are always trying to find another thing in a sustainable way and we are always working to reduce our environmental footprint.

Manufactured in: Canada



31. Therma Kota: Canadian made Shearling Jackets, Winter Coats, Outerwear Brand


Website: https://thermakota.com/


Therma Kōta is a woman-owned family business inspired by the founder’s Scandinavian origins. The brand was created by sisters Mosha and Sophie Lundström Halbert in 2017.
They have a durable line of outerwear, raincoats, and home furnishings. Therma Kōta is a waste-free company.


Manufactured in: Canada



32. Public Myth: Canadian made Workout Jackets 

Website: https://shop.publicmyth.ca/


Founded in 2007, all of their clothing is ethically made in Vancouver, whether on-site or just a few blocks from our headquarters. This ensures that our products come from a safe working environment with fair treatment and compensation for all involved.

The carefully designed product packaging is an environmentally conscious development. Materials used are fully recyclable: locally made boxes, protective paper packaging and natural adhesive tapes.

Manufactured in: Canada



33. Pajar: Canadian made Jackets & Outerwear 

Website: pajar.com


Founded in 1963, Pajar Canada is a five-generation footwear and outerwear company based in Montreal, Quebec. Brand’s core philosophy is to develop performance fashion footwear and outerwear through extensive knowledge and expertise gained through a rich history of handmade footwear.

Over the past 58 years, Pajar Canada has grown as a global leader in the design and manufacture of Performance Fashion footwear and winter boots.

The ready-to-wear collection of shoes and outerwear is inspired by our rich Canadian heritage. Combining innovative technology and the latest cutting-edge design, Pajar Canada strives to provide the highest performance and comfort with a collection made of the highest quality waterproof leather and fabric; they combine modern industrial design with old-world craftsmanship. Elegant and classic Canadian luxury is here, with the Pajar Canada Heritage Premium Collection proudly made in Montreal, Quebec. Our 100% waterproof Canadian leather is covered with rich genuine sheepskin that is guaranteed to keep you warm at temperatures below -40 ° C.

Manufactured in: Montreal, Quebec, Canada



34. Odeyal Clothing: Canadian made Jackets & Winter Coats for Women

Website: odeyaloclothing.com

Overview: Founded in 2016, Odeyalo focuses on creating the finest formal wear for everyone. Their jackets, winter coats are well suited for urban cold, formal work wear, and mild cold. By keeping in mind comfort, quality, and versatility, they bring lasting value to our clothing and to the people who live and work with it.
With a sensitivity to the new reality, the brand wants to bring first-class basic items tailored to your lifestyle with more attention to color and detail. They call it smart loungewear with a playful touch. Simply put, we are here to make you better every day by making it faster, more energetic, and more fun. 

Manufactured in: Montreal, Quebec, Canada


35. La Canadienne Shoes: Canadian made Jackets & Winter Coats 

Website: lacanadienneshoes.com


Founded in Montreal in 1987, La Canadienne is basically a footwear brand with a good collection of jackets and winter coats also which are manufactured in their factory in Montreal, Canada, one of the last family shoe factories in Canada, with more than 70 years of experience in the production of footwear.

Manufactured in: Montreal, Quebec, Canada



36. Melanielyne: Canadian made Blazer & Jackets for Women

Website: melanielyne.com

Overview: Melanielyne has a collection of formal office wear blazers and jackets as well as outerwear for mild urban lifestyle for women, some casual wear can also be spotted. It has a great choice of color variations and styles. It has some unique designs in tropical print jackets, sequin-embellished bomber jackets. All their garments are manufactured in Canada.

Manufactured in: Canada



37. Jack Victor: Canadian made Jackets for men

Website: jackvictor.com


The evolution of Jack Victor Limited into a leading North American manufacturer of custom tailoring products began in 1913, the year the company was founded. Today, the company remains a family business with Alan Victor, CEO, third generation, in the footsteps of its father Herschel and his grandfather Jack.

Jack Victor continues to run the family business with Alan Victor, CEO, third generation, in the footsteps of his father Herschel and his grandfather Jack.

Their bespoke clothing is designed and manufactured in downtown Montreal, and our residence is an integral part of our inspiration and brand identity.

Manufactured in: Montreal, Quebec, Canada




38. Horse Atelier: Canadian made Winter Coats, Jackets

Website: horsesatelier.com


Founded in 2012 by close friends and writers Claudia Dey and Heidi Sopinka, is known for the perfect fit of its overalls, reliable workmanship, and durability.

Claudia and Heidi consider fashion as a form of autobiography and HORSES are built from this private expression. They are based on their design values: beauty, usability, stupidity, and durability.

Horses believe in the local economy and in the unique skills and empowerment of women who make our clothes. Each piece is ethically adapted and sustainable in downtown Toronto.

Manufactured in: Toronto, Ontario, Canada




39. Freed and Freed: Canadian made Outerwear, Winter Coats, Jackets​

Website: https://www.freedandfreed.com/search?q=outerwear

In 2014, Marissa launched FREED’s first own brand with its debut oil collection. A few years later, it relaunched its current collection of vegan and non-violent outerwear, accessories and home decor. With a range of vibrant colors and great styles for the whole family, the unisex range is designed to be luxurious and versatile.

In the last century, Freed & Freed has become a leader in the Canadian clothing industry. Their desired skills and technical abilities have led to the development and production of outerwear for historic brands, large retailers and the government. With around 100 skilled workers working in a 50,000-square-foot factory today, the company’s commitment to producing high-quality topical fabrics is key to its legacy.

Manufactured in: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


40. Franklyman: Canadian made Designer jackets

Website: https://www.franklyman.com/


Manufactured in: Canada



41. Fig Clothing: Canadian made Winter Coats, Jackets & Parkas

Website: figclothing.ca


FIG is primarily a Montreal brand. All clothing is designed in the Mile End, the city’s creative center. As a dynamic and multicultural metropolis, Montreal is the perfect platform for a travel brand like FIG

It is an environmentally friendly brand and they choose organic fibers with the least possible impact on production processes.
The jackets are, are made to last and wear for a long time.

Trendy travel clothes can be difficult to find. Although their clothing is eco-friendly slow fashion, it does not offer any sacrifices in style. The design language is refined, minimalist and timeless.

Manufactured in: Quebec & Ontario, Canada



42. Encircled: Canadian made Jackets & Blazers for Women

Website: encircled.ca


Encircled is a Canadian-made Jackets & Blazers for Women. Whether it’s style for comfort or quality at a price, there always seems to be something to set aside.

The brand language is – Style, comfort, quality, manners, and (real) durability

Encircled is a slow fashion brand that does it all.

Our classic, versatile pieces mean you can build a wardrobe you’ll love for many years to come.
Their jackets are Canadian-made in factories are in sight and in mind. In fact, they are less than 60 miles from their studio in Toronto.


Manufactured in: Canada


43. Ellie Mae Studios: Canadian made Jackets

Website: elliemaestudios.com


Ellie started building the foundations of her brand of the same name in 2014, but the roots are still back. She has been inspired by images of music, fashion and pop culture in general since childhood and conveyed her unmistakable spirit into the way she communicates who she is – mostly through clothing.

The jackets are made for urban lifestyle and mild cold. Vibrant colours and variety of styles can be found in the collections.

Manufactured in: Canada



44. East Coast Lifestyle: Canadian made Jacket


Website: eastcoastlifestyle.com


In March 2013, Alex MacLean, a senior business student at Acadia University, was asked to launch a temporary business project for the business project. With a $ 800 loan from his father and the urge to visit his beach, Alex made his first 30 hoodies on the East Coast and sold them to his closest friends.

The jackets are stylish, comfortable and long-lasting made from polyester.

Manufactured in: Nova Scotia, Canada



45. Comeback Season: Canadian made Windbreaker


Website: comebackseason.com


Founded in 2017, Comeback Season is a Toronto-based lifestyle brand owned by Black on Mission. Comeback Season, inspired by the Christian faith of the founder Prince Michael Adusei and his journey with mental health, is a welcomed response to the gap in the purpose driven lifestyle market.

They made stylish windbreakers which are stylish and waterproof jackets made for all seasons. It is made with 100% polyester exterior and lining. They are available in three colours- red, black and military green.

Manufactured in: Canada



46. Bonvivant Shop: Canadian made Jackets

Website: bonvivantshop.com


Bon Vivant quality is everything. Our garments are made to order in some of the most famous factories in Canada and Portugal using only the highest quality fabrics.
They only use fabrics that not only make beautiful clothes but are made to be durable.
The garments are made to order in some of the most famous factories in Canada and Portugal using only the highest quality fabrics.

Inspired by a mix of work clothes and military jackets. The Maurice jacket uses a more versatile Japanese stretch ripstop and has reinforced chest and front pockets with flaps. This stylish but practical jacket designed for travelers will quickly move from a business trip to a casual dinner.

Manufactured in: Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Portugal



47. Baffin: Canadian made Outerwear for men

Website: baffin.com


Wind and water-resistant Designed for use with Baffin Apparel layering system Insulated cold-weather protection Waterproof, full two-way zipper 800 Fill Down Adjustable hood. 

For the coldest moments on Earth. Polar Rated cold-comfort is achieved with moderate to high activity and has been Polar Proven® by us on expeditions to both the North and South Poles.

Manufactured in: Stoney Creek, Canada



48. Reigning Champ: Canadian made Jacket for Men

Website: shop.reigningchamp.com

They design and develop characteristic fabrics with an emphasis on durable construction and unrivaled comfort. Founded in 2007, Reigning Champ is headquartered in Vancouver, BC.
Reigning Champ designs and manufactures premium sportswear. 

Manufactured in: Vancouver, Canada


49.  Wings+Horns: Canadian made Jackets


Website: wingsandhorns.com


In 2004, after spending nearly a decade making fabrics and clothing for the Japanese market, the founders opened a factory in Vancouver, BC, where they continue to manufacture our collections.

Their designs balance the modern natural look of the Pacific Northwest with the ingrained value of technology, discipline and detail.

They combine premium materials with a progressive focus on simplicity and accuracy and strive for an upgraded classic design thanks to process expertise.

Manufactured in: Canada


50. Rudsak: Canadian made Parkas,​ Puffers, Jackets

Website: rudsak.com


For more than 25 years, RUDSAK has been captivated by the rebel spirit. On the tireless journey between art, music and design, the brand produces sleek, elegant shoes, outerwear, garments, bags and accessories based on the brand’s Canadian heritage and the roots of Montreal. Like effortless style, RUDSAK adds bold, contemporary turns to classic silhouettes that celebrate individuality and self-expression.

With only the best leather, fur and fabrics, adorned with distinctive hardware and details, each RUDSAK product is shaped by the values, skills and work of talented craftsmen, artisans, visions and entrepreneurs.

The brand is available online, through select retailers and in more than 30 branded boutiques that share their classic cool, rebellious elegant ethos and state-of-the-art aesthetics.

Manufactured in: Canada



51. Lornes Coats: Canadian made Wool and Cashmere Winter Coats and Jackets

Website: lornescoats.com


Founded in 1978, this is luxury outdoor clothing.
The third generation of a family-owned and operated company, they are dedicated to the quality and craftsmanship of the best coat.
Made from fine fabrics woven in Italy and made in their Toronto factory founded in 1948.

They are one of the last few brands to produce wool garments in Canada. Loyalty without reward.
They have the largest selection of wool in the country as well as cashmere, down, alpaca and rainwear. They are committed to maintaining the luxury of our clothing.

Manufactured in: Canada


52. Vallier: Canadian made Parka, Jackets

Website: vallier.com


Designed in Montreal, Vallier combines technical innovation in clothing with the exterior of the city’s everyday needs.
Their clothing is very practical – each element has a purpose, resulting in aesthetics without unnecessary ingredients.

By finding only premium materials, they ensure that pieces from our collection can be a lifelong chapter in your wardrobe.

At Altitude Sports, they have 35 years of experience in the care of clothing and outerwear for four seasons in Canada.

Manufactured in: Canada and outside



53. Jerico: Canadian made customized Jackets

Website: jerico.ca


Jericho was founded in 1987 by two brothers and two sisters. It was a family business that grew by leaps and bounds as the textile industry flourished in Canada.

Jericho is a Canadian socially conscious garment. They run into this because our decision to remain a domestic producer was a conscious choice to support the local economy, provide a safe working environment and create high-quality clothing that will stand the test of time.

Manufactured in: Canada


54. Maholi Apparel: Canadian made Luxury Parkas, Jackets, Outerwear


Website: maholiapparel.com


Founded in 1994, While it may be strange, outerwear at Maholi apparel outerwear moves as beautifully as it looks on you, and it’s a success. Ready to endure times, adventure, and the world, every detail is made for life to live it to the fullest.

With every piece made in Canada to the highest quality standards, they follow a code of continuity and ethics.


Manufactured in: Toronto, Canada


55. Redwood Classics: Canadian made Jackets

Website: redwoodclassics.net


Their Collection carries Gender-neutral Jackets and Cardigans.

For three generations of excellent fabrics, they strive to provide customers with the highest level of quality available. The success in achieving this goal has attracted the attention of top retailers across the country.

Their clothing can be found throughout North America, in department stores, retail stores, resorts, universities or corporate identity programs.

Most of the standard styles have flat stitches that weave additional thread for greater strength and durability. Their fabrics are the top in the line and you will appreciate the difference at first touch. Their clothes are either pre-cut or washed to stay true to the size.

Manufactured in: Canada


56. Diane Kennedy: Canadian made summer Jackets and Coats

Website: dianekennedy.ca


Style and compromise cut; with the softest, most luxurious, 100% certified organic bamboo fabrics combined to create your most comfortable wearable wardrobe ever.

The DK brand is built on basic foundations with seasonal fashion items that update your clothing and style as needed. You will notice that the tops, jackets and tunics easily match the capri, pants and leggings, leading to the full look available for design prints and offering great options for all shapes and sizes. Diane hopes that you will enjoy these ecological, breathable and natural substances every day. 

Manufactured in: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


57. Sacred Cloth: Canadian made Jackets, Ponchos, Shawls

Website: sacredcloth.ca


Founded in 2019, Sacred Cloth is an independent fashion and lifestyle brand based in Val David, Quebec. The brand offers an inspiring alternative to fast fashion without compromising on style, femininity and fitness. They create bizarre distinctive pieces and flattering silhouettes that inspire grace and beauty and bring a soulful poem to the dance of everyday life.

Sacred Cloth has provided very limited assistance to a small group of women from Montreal under ethical working conditions. Every member of production and development is paid professionally and honestly. All fabrics come from local sources and are carefully selected for their quality.

Manufactured in: Canada



58. Norden: Canadian made

Website: nordenproject.com


Shapes and sizes are unique and people respond to the temperature in their own way. NORDEN outerwear accepts this and is tuned to improve the warmth and circulation of warm air in your body.
The materials they use are environmentally good. Their jackets are made from recycled waste and recycled materials, so they have very little left and you can choose outerwear that will really help the planet flourish. Their small, practical, and contemporary “look” will always inspire you.

Manufactured in: Montreal, Quebec, Canada


59. ​Mutton Head: Canadian made Jackets & Outerwear

Website: muttonheadstore.com

Overview: All mutton head jackets and outerwear are unisex and gender neutral. They are locally made in Canada. 

The collections include weatherproof lightweight hoodies, jackets, denim jackets, military-inspired and animal print coats. The range is made for mild cold and urban lifestyles.

Shop for their collection in-store at 163 Roncesvalles or Online Worldwide.

Manufactured in: Canada


60. ​Roots: Canadian made Jackets & Outerwear

Website: roots.com


Roots was founded by Michael Budman and Don Green in 1973.

They now have more than 120 stores across North America, more than 150 worldwide and offer online shipping to more than 70 countries.

Genuine leather goods have been Roots’ heart since the beginning, and to this day leather goods remain the work of human hands.

Since our inception, our Toronto leather factory has been run by generations of family craftsmen. Our experienced team of leather craftsmen is the backbone of our leather products and we are proud of our truly handmade leather.

Manufactured in: Canada



61. Danier: Canadian made Leather Jackets 

Website: danier.com


Danier is truly professional and compromises on quality. Their goal is to provide women and men with the best leather and materials in our carefully assembled collection of jackets, bags, wallets and more.

Danier has gained its reputation as a fashion leader for more than 40 years. The dedication and commitment to the satisfaction of its customers has earned the admiration of those who seek style with quality. Relaunched in 2016, Danier features beautiful fleece and woven pieces to enhance and enhance your wardrobe. The basic Danier collection, made of flexible leather, includes elegant biker jackets with sleek, matte and matte finishes. With a focus on sustainable style, the designs are made in an endless range of muted shades with characteristic black skin. DANIER’s unique approach preserves old skin by blending traditional knowledge with modern manufacturing innovations.


Manufactured in: 25% Made in Canada, 75% Made in china



62. KLO Canada: Canadian made Jackets

Website: klocanada.com


With 20 years of design and manufacturing experience for major outdoor clothing brands, their vision is based on an understanding of style, knowledge of performance and thermal factor, which will ultimately result in an uncompromising polished product.

Manufactured in: Canada


63. Noize: Canadian made Jackets, Parkas, Puffers, Windbreakers 

Website: noize.com



There is no one-size-fits-all, environmentally conscious, and cruelty-free lifestyle in which their unique collections of weather and accessories are designed and built for it.

Their PETA-approved vegan fur and leather alternatives are just as warm, comfortable, and stylish


Manufactured in: Montreal, Quebec, Canada




The 5 Best winter Jacket Brands Canada: Our Top Picks

In this section, we will be looking at the 5 best Canadian jackets out of the above list. These jackets are made with the finest quality materials and they have been manufactured by some of the best companies in Canada. They come in a range of different styles and colors, so there is something for everyone.

The best thing about these jackets is that they are high quality and durable. There are many other brands that manufacture their products overseas, but these brands have chosen to manufacture their products right here in Canada. This means that you can buy a jacket from these companies with confidence knowing that it will be a well-made product.

The winter months are a time to stay cozy and warm. The cold weather can be brutal, but it’s nothing that a good jacket can’t handle. The best jackets for winter come in many different styles and colors, but the following five should be at the top of your list:

1. Canada Goose: Canadian Jacket Brand

Canada Goose is a Canadian company that was founded in 1957 by Sam Tick. The company’s products are designed for high-performance in extremely cold temperatures, and their jackets are made from the finest materials with a focus on quality.

Canada Goose’s jackets are made with the best materials to ensure they can withstand the harshest conditions. They have been tested in some of the coldest places on earth, and they have proven to be one of the warmest jackets on the market.

2.  Pajar: Canadian Outerwear Brand

In Canada, Pajar is one of the most popular brands for jackets.

Pajar is a company that specializes in the production of outerwear, with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. The company has its headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and has a distribution network that covers more than 30 countries around the world.

The brand’s success is due to its high-quality products and excellent customer service. It also collaborates with international designers to create collections that are always very fashionable and up to date.

3. Moose Knuckles: Canadian Jacket Brand

Moose Knuckles is a Canadian jacket brand that has taken the world by storm. The company started in 2007, and was originally known for its high-quality, luxury winter jackets. However, in recent years the brand has expanded to include a range of clothing items, including parkas, bombers, and vests.

What makes Moose Knuckles stand out from other jacket brands is the fact that all of its products are made in Canada. The company has a strong commitment to Canadian manufacturing and believes that this is what sets its products apart from the competition.
All of their jackets are made in Canada from ethically sourced materials, and they use the latest technologies to ensure that their jackets are as warm and weatherproof as possible.

4. Arc’teryx: Made in Canada Jackets

Arc’teryx Made in Canada Jacket is a quality, durable and economical winter coat. The Canadian climate is harsh and unpredictable, which only makes the Arc’teryx jackets that much more desirable. Arc’teryx uses wind-resistant materials, an internal face fabric made of 100% recycled polyester, and a water repellent finish to ensure your jacket will keep you warm in any environment. This is why they are committed to making their jackets in Canada.

5. Mackage Made in Canada Jackets

Mackage is an iconic Canadian brand that has been producing high-quality outerwear since 1965. Originally a fur coat manufacturer, they now produce coats, jackets, shawls, and other winter accessories for both women and men, all made right here in their Toronto factory with the highest quality materials and with the utmost attention to detail. Mackage’s mission is to make garments that are both stylish and functional, so you can wear them through the changing seasons.

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