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Brand Name Teletics
Website  teletics.com
Products Wireless communications equipment
Phone Number
Customer Care  1-587-351-1900


Brand Story:

Teletics is a specialized telecommunications equipment manufacturer. We specialize in voice and data telecommunications over wireless. Our headquarters is in Canada but our clients are located around the world. We are a Division of Circa Enterprises Inc.

Our reputation is based on designing robust communications equipment that provides extremely reliable operation in some of the harshest environments anywhere. Hot. Cold. Corrosive. Explosive.

Our people are some of the best anywhere. We are a small company that dominates its markets by listening to our customers and ensuring they are delighted with our designs, quality, and support.

Our products have been deployed, by both private and public sector customers, in some of the harshest environments anywhere. This includes Oil Drilling Rigs, Utility Substation Metering locations, Chemical Plants and Industrial Sites. Our customers include some of the largest Utility, Satellite, and Cellular communications providers in the world.

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