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BNorth Domicile was launched during 2020 covid lockdown days.

BNorth Domicile has a splendid collection home decor, bed bath, beauty and wellness related, Canadian-made products. They are a one-stop shop for high-end creations from the talented designers, master artisans, and manufacturers of Canada. The products are locally made and raw materials sourced locally.

Brand Name BNorth Domicile
Website bnorthdomicile.com
Products Home Decor
Phone Number N.A
Customer CareĀ  beverly.shwarzer@bnorthdomicile.com

Brief overview by the Brand Owner:

BNorth Domicile is a collection of timeless, expertly crafted, Canadian-made products. A one-stop shop showcasing a curated network of high-end creations from the talented designers and master artisans of Canada. With close attention to detail, all our products are carefully selected – each made locally and of the highest quality. Our passion is to connect with independent designers across this country who tell their own story through their craft.

Refresh your home for every one of our four seasons.
Be Home. Be Comfortable. BNorth.



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